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  1. Hi Everyone

    We do hope you weren't one of our customers affected by the split lid issue with a batch of  our 10ml bottles. 

    If you were we hope it got sorted for you!

    Due to this issue and generally the ongoing problems with 10ml glass bottles we have come to the decision to switch all of our 10ml glass bottles to 15ml HDPE bottles. This will affect our dye bottles too.

    Pricing will remain the same for the fragrance oil, so good news - You will be receiving more oil for the same price!

    Unfortunately the price of the dyes will have to be increased, at the moment it is 2.40 for 10ml. The increase we be £2.95 for 15ml. Overall you do get a better deal. Whereas if you bought 3 bottles for 30ml of dye you would pay 7.20, you will now buy 2 bottles for 30ml of dye at 5.90 .. Not bad hey!

    The dye bottles will be changing first and the fragrance oil bottle change will come about in the next 2 weeks.

    Exciting stuff :)

    Claire x

  2. Hello everyone

    We hope you had a lovely Summer! 

    I personally had an eventful one, Camping in the Lake District in constant rain & driving through roads that turned into rivers was erm .. Fun! .. Yes, yes it was (well it's how I'll try to look back on it)

    So we've re-opened today, all orders placed over the holiday period will be dispatched ASAP. We're doing our best to clear the backlog so new orders placed will go out the next day but for now we're on a 3 day dispatch time.

    And that's it for this info blog, I'm off now to get busy

    Keep smelling gorgeous!

    Claire x

  3. Hi all

    Our Summer closing dates this year will be the 15th August to the 1st September. The 15th August is a Monday, all orders placed on or before the 14th August will go out on the Monday any placed in the holiday period will go out on the 1st September or shortly after.

    Hope you all are having a good Summer!