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  1. Hello everyone .. Here is a pic of our new labels, all ties in with the CLP regulations. If you order this week you might receive gorgeous bottles of smelly oils with both new and/or old labels, but we will be phasing the old out soon.

    We will soon be adding new oils too ... Keep a lookout in the NEW IN section

    Claire x

    New Labels

  2. Morning everyone!

    Just a super quick blog post to say .. Have a look at our new allergen calculator! (top menu bar, 'Allergens Made Easy')

    We quickly put this together in the hopes to make labeling your products simple.

    The information we're basing this on is found online by googling 'CLP regulations, candles' look for the link starting 'EU’s Classification, LABELING AND Packaging Regulations (CLP)'

    We really hope it comes in handy! .. Let us know what you think!


  3. Morning all ..

    A few back in stock today -

    Champagne Pomegranate ~ Glitter ~ Mandarin & Berries ~ Misbehavin ~ Pink Sugar ~ Sexy as Sin ~ Sun Ripened Raspberry ~ Warm Vanilla & Sugar

    Another delivery is due in this week so if the one you're waiting for hasn't arrived, check back in a couple of days!

    Also a few newbies will be joining us soon! :) 

    Happy Smelly Days! Claire x