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  1. Morning everyone .. A few things this morning.

    Dodgy caps! Yes we have unfortunately had a few of these, so much so we have decided to scrap the child proof lids and add a bolder warning to labels about keeping the oils out of reach of children and animals. They smell so good but in neat concentrated form they really are quite toxic! Please always keep this in mind.

    Next thing - You may have noticed we have stopped using MyHermes, one too many issues. Yes they are the cheapest courier around but we want your goods to get to you! Next week we will be adjusting postage prices and switching to RM24 and RM48 (RM prices coming down I should add) for parcels under 2 kilos, heavier parcels will either go by parcel force or collect plus.

    And finally (I think!) we have a few new oils coming in this weekend! Yes, more! :D ... The always requested 'New Car' fragrance will be making an appearance and a few other bloomin gorgeous ones! Yay!

    Keep the world smelling fantastic!

    Claire x

  2. Hello everyone. We will be closing on the 1st June and re-opening on the 6th June. Orders placed on and before Monday (30th May) will definitely be posted before closing. All others when we re-open or shortly after. 
    Other news .. Another newbie Lollypop! - If you're a fan of the sweet oils like candy clouds, snow fae & tropical soda pop then this oil is for you! It's delicious! (to smell, DO NOT EAT!) lol