Allergen Calculator


'Allergens Made Easy' as here is a handy calculator that we have made for you!

How to use the allergen calculator:
First input - The amount of fragrance oil in product (gm or ml)
Second input - The total of all ingredients, including fragrance oil (gm or ml)
Third input - The allergen as stated in SDS/allergen information sheet

Fourth output box = Answer (The calculation of the percent of allergen in finished product)


Fragrance Oil content ml or gm:

Total weight of all ingredients ml or gm:

Allergen content from SDS/allergen list:

% of allergen in product:

READ THIS FIRST! - We have been informed this method of calculating allergens for candle/melts/home fragrancing products etc isn't ideal as it doesn't give the exact information needed, it mostly gives a higher warning than needed. Due to this we will be providing you with CLP candle label templates soon.  The calculator is still good for calculating allergens in soap and bath & body products so we won't be removing it completely but we will open another section for home fragrancing CLP requirements. Hope this helps more. Thank you.. 

This calculator is designed to make labeling allergens in your soap and bath & body/wax products easier. We hope it helps a little!

For labeling soap & bath and body products you'll need the ALLERGEN info. Click on the fragrance oil you're using or go to the 'fragrance oil info' page to find the allergen link. In that file you will find the declarable allergens for that particular fragrance oil.

For labeling candles and wax melts you will need the SDS information. The SDS sheet we stock refers to the neat concentrated fragrance oil. You will need to work out from this the labeling for your candle/wax melt.
Firstly an ingredient at over 1% in the final product needs listing as an ingredient with warnings and pictograms.
Above 0.1% needs a warning 'Could cause an allergic reaction'
Below 0.1%, no warning.
Click on the oil you're working with or the fragrance oil info page and find the SDS link. 
Now look for the composition/information of ingredients. For an example here we will use Blue Raspberry Slushie ingredients.

 brs sds 3

As we look at the ingredients you will see '14901-07-0 beta-Ionone' This ingredient is listed in the range of 10-20%. We will use the larger number 20%.

So lets say we made a wax melt using 100gms of wax and 10gms of fragrance oil. The allergen calculator states the final content of that allergen/ingredient is 1.83%

Here we have the final content for all the allergens/ingredients in Blue Raspberry Slushie -
beta-Ionone - 1.83%
Ethyl methylphenylglycidate - 0.90%
p-Anisyl acetate - 0.18
Citronelleo - 0.18%
Ethyl vanillin - 0.18%

Because beta-Ionones final calculation comes out at over 1% this will need to be listed as an ingredient on the candle/wax melt label. If you look next to this ingredient you will see the codes H316, H401, H411. These are hazards in the ingredient and you can refer to what they mean in the label elements (2.2)of the SDS sheet. See pic below.

brs sds 2.2

H316 states - Causes mild skin irritation.
H401 (not listed on the SDS sheet as H411 overrides it, but it means toxic to aquatic life. Click HERE for a list of hazard statement meanings)
H411 states - Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.

These warnings should be included on the label along with the pictograms shown. Also precautionary statements should be included. On the Blue Rasberry Slushie SDS the precautionary statement that would refer to a candle is 'If on skin wash with soap and water' & 'If skin irritation or rash occurs seek medical advice/attention'. The final label would look something like this (note our label isn't including candle safety infomation which would also need to be included)

brs label ex

Had all the allergens been under 1% but 1 or more greater than 0.1% (for example if we'd used 5gm of fragrance oil and not 10gm) the label would say - 'Contains (fragrance (name) or 'concentrated fragrance oil') may cause an allergic reaction'. No warning pictogram.

Had all the allergens been below 0.1% (which will not apply with our example Blue Raspberry Slushie fragrance oil) no allergen information would be required on the label.


PLEASE NOTE - This is based on our understanding of the new regulations at the moment. Content may change when new information becomes available.

***The information provided here is for reference only; ScentyMental accepts no liability by providing the resources on this page. Please contact us if you require further information.***